Fees & Discounts

* When you fill out your application and push the “submit” button, there is no immediate change in your fee that will show up on your screen. Once your information gets to me I will apply any and all the discounts that you deserve and the corrected price will show up on your receipt when you receive your confirmation email. Your credit card will be charged once I have completed your application and all discounted fees (if applicable) are figured in.

Winter Camp Fees


  • 1 Session of Camp (3 full days of training): $250.00
  • 2 Sessions of Camp (6 full day of training): $500.00


  • Sibling discount: When siblings sign up for camp, the first camper will pay the normal fee, including any discounts that you may deserve. For those families with multiple campers, each sibling will receive an additional $15.00 per week discount off or his or her fee.